A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Drive a not so lonesome retrowave highway, steal the Prism, and make your getaway as the only authorities left try to stop you. What's your lowest time?


Controller A, Mouse Left: Drive
Controller Left Stick, Keyboard A & D: Steer
Controller A x 4, Mouse Left x 4: Activate Phoenix Drive (if HP available)


- Powering the car has multiple effects:
    - Pressing A (or Left Mouse Button) controls both the lights on the car and the wheels. Driving fast is hard, but it's the only way to see ahead of you.
    - The power also overtakes the wheels briefly, skidding the car for sharp turns.
    - Releasing A hits the brakes, stopping you quickly.
    - "Gearing up" (tapping A four times) will activate the Phoenix Overdrive
- The Parts pickup has a few effects, and effectively turns your HP into currency:
    - Add one to HP
    - Slows car. The idea is that Parts are bolted on to the car as armor, but we didn't have time to implement the visual effect, or the car model for that matter *shrug*.
    - Can be used to activate the Phoenix Overdrive, trading safety for speed and power.


- Windows
- Linux (untested)
- Mac (untested)

Third Party Resources:

- Visual Studio Community 2015
- Blender
- Unity3D
- Unity Post Processing stack
- Gimp
- Krita
- Ableton Live
- Audacity
- Spline implementation:
- Texture Resources:
    - http://texturemate.com/content/free-asphalt-texture-20102010-001 (texturemate license, royalty-free)
- Sound Resources:
    - sonniss.com (Free GDC Game Audio Bundle)
    - http://freesound.org/people/sevenbsb/sounds/349398/ (CC0)
    - http://freesound.org/people/OfItAll/sounds/244229/ (CC0)
    - http://freesound.org/people/RutgerMuller/sounds/104026/ (CC0)
    - https://www.fontspring.com/fonts/fontfabric/intro-rust-free (Free license)
    - http://freesound.org/people/beatmad/sounds/201936/ (CC0)


- Zak Reynolds (implementation, game design, 3d modeling, texturing)
- Clint Glenn (sound design, game design)
- Rachel Spadi (moral support, design, food)

Source Code:

- https://github.com/zak-reynolds/phoenix-overdrive


PhoenixOverdrive_Linux.zip 38 MB
PhoenixOverdrive_Mac.app.zip 33 MB
PhoenixOverdrive_Windows.zip 33 MB


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Really cool game! I like it :)