A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are squid. You are courier. You shoot birds.


[A] and [D] will move you (the squid) around your ship.

Power the engine by moving all the way to the left and rapidly clicking the Crank Engine button.

Fire the gun by moving all the way to the right and rapidly clicking the Crank Gun button.

Ludum Dare 39, 48-hour Compo: Running out of Power

I thought it would be fun to attempt flying some kind of plane or airship that was running out of power. So you'll be flying an airship that needs constant attention, cranking up the engine and gun alternatively in order to survive!

Advanced tips

Finesse is key in many situations! You may want to let the ship drop unpowered and let the birds fly over you (they move predictably), or only give it one or two clicks to bump over a bird.

If you fly too high, your engine will give out on you. Try to stay around the beginning height to give yourself room to maneuver.

The boss is hard. It is possible to win and make it to the end! Try to fly over the arcing birds, and take advantage of the rest periods to put as many bullets into the boss as possible.


Install instructions

Extract to a folder of your choice, then double-click crankship-courier.exe


crankship-courier.zip 19 MB
crankship-courier-linux.zip 26 MB
crankship-courier.app.zip 23 MB

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